WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top 11 Vape Tricks to Try

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Other than flavors and following the trend, what else is the catch, especially for youngsters, to down for vaping? Well, one of the reasons why the consumption of vapes, especially disposable vapes, is increasing is the attraction towards vaping tricks.

Yes, I know so many vapers, who joined the vaping community just for learning the crazy vape tricks!

And, not only them but all, beginner or casual vapers, try new and innovative vape tricks… just to show off and become popular among vapers’ communities and groups.

Well, learning vape tricks is not rocket science; I have learned many tricks in the last couple of months.

So, here I am with some top vape tricks, let’s practice with me!

Top Vape Tricks

Want to master vape tricks with your disposable vapes?

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#1 Classical Cloud Dragon

It’s a basic trick that can instantly transform you into a vape beast!

So, to practice this with disposable pods…

Step 1: Inhale a long draw of smoke without breathing it in.

Step 2: Once your mouth is full of vapor, forcefully puff out the smoke from your nostrils, you will see some of the smoke coming from the corners of your mouth.

So, where’s the dragon?

The smoke from your nostrils and the edges of your mouth will make you look like a Dragon.

Well, I have practiced this with my UNO MAS disposable vape, you can try it with whatever device you have in your hand.

#2 Magical Waterfall

I am a Harry Potter fan, and this vape trick is my favorite.

So, if you want to look magical while vaping, try this one with me!

Step 1: Inhale a long smoke of your favorite vape.
Step 2: Now, breathe it in a water bottle topped with ice; the icy water is best for making vapor thicker, you can spill it outside the bottle.

Thus, your desired smoky waterfall will flow out.

#3 The Lasso

If you are a hidden cowboy, then this vape trick is just for you!

Step 1: Take a deep smoke, breathe, and eject a big ring.

Step 2: Now, widen the ring using your fist.

Step 3: Take another puff and breathe out a narrow ring in the middle of the first one.

Step 4: The tiny ring will push the big one, which looks like a coil, resembling a lasso.

I have learned this trick using my favorite disposable, UNO MAS.

#4 Tornado

The name of this vape trick is terrifying and amusing, so you can be confident that anyone observing this trick will be impressed!

This trick is about your proper adjustment;

Step 1: Inhale a big puff, then lean your mouth near the surface of any flat surface, like a table

Step 2: Now, exhale the smoke gently and deliberately.

Step 3: Lastly, you need to place your palm on the surface, twist your wrist, and then raise your shoulder to create a spinning curve.

#5 French Inhale

This vape trick is exactly the opposite of the waterfall trick.

Step 1:  Expel the smoke from your mouth and breathe those vapors from your nose.

Step 2: Let fumes sit in your mouth for a while before you let them out.

Step 3: Now, inhale the vapors via your nose. Thus, the flow is like smoke rises from the mouth and is breathed in with the nostrils, just like the reversal of a waterfall.

#6 Vapor Bubble

To try this trick, a handmade cloud stick and soapy water are needed.

Well, this is the easiest trick; all you have to do is…

Step 1: Take a draw,

Step 2: Prepare the bubbles, and give them a blast!

The vapor will pass into the bubble cloud, making it look amazing.

#7 Ghost Inhale

I have tried this trick with my amazing and unique UNO 4K disposable vape.

For Ghost inhale trick,

Step 1: Inhale the vapors and let them sit in your mouth for a few moments.

Step 2: Exhale suddenly without inhaling it again.

Isn’t it simple?

#8 Bane Inhale

This is one of the most spectacular tricks, and it is named Bane Inhale because it resembles the Batman Antagonist Bane, whose face mask is similar to this trick!

Once you learn French inhale, then you can easily perform this trick.

Let’s try this!

Step 1: Inhale the smoke

Step 2: Now, place your upper teeth on your lower lip without letting the vapor escape.

Step 2: Exhale the smoke slowly from the tiny corridors between your teeth.

Step 3: Lastly, again breathe in the fumes through your nose to create the Bane’s mask effect.

#9 Flying Triangle

Imagine creating a triangular smoke; it will look amazing!

Yes, you can make a flying triangle with your vape smoke.

This is one of the most pro vape tricks, and also it needs a lot of practice and a perfect vape device, I have tried with UNO 4K disposable.

Step 1: First of all, you need to create a thick vape ring.

Step 2: Now, using your fingertips, force the loop and press the edges to make it a triangle.

#10 Bull Ring

To perform this trick, you need to master blowing out O’s.

Step 1: Vape out a ring, then lean into it.

Step 2: Afterwards, you need to breathe in through your nostrils.

This will create a smoke circle in your nostrils, creating the impression that you have a bull ring.

#11 Jellyfish

For this trick,

Step 1: Blow out a big vape ring.

Step 2: Now, use your palm and knock down the wider ring.

Step 3: Create another narrow ring in the middle of the wider ring. Once done correctly, the two rings will merge and create a jellyfish effect. 

Practice Vape Tricks NOW

So, tried any?

If you know any other vape trick/s, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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