WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Fruity Vape Flavors by UNO

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If you’re tired of your old vape, then you’re not alone… well, I also switch my vapes a lot, thanks to the generational fault of getting bored of things quickly. To support the default, disposables are created!

DISPOSABLES are true blessing; with a disposable, you can try all your favorite flavors and keep switching them in between without having to invest so much money and efforts. One of the most-used brands in my family is UNO, their fruity flavors have just made my vape-allergic elder brother fell for it.

Be it flavors, puffs, draws, hits, vapors, or designs, UNO is becoming a go-to/ household brand for thousands of vapers in the world. I have tried all of their disposables range; all are lightweight, compact, pocket-friendly, and have a long-lasting battery, so what else would a vaper demand?

Today, I am here with a list of some crazy fruity vape flavors by UNO… they are worth trying, at least once!

Fruity Vape Flavors | UNO

UNO has designed its disposables with the motto: INHALE AND VAPE! This objective is translated across the brand’s entire range.  


Want to enjoy vaping for extended time? You need UNO Eclipse; with its 2500 puffs, you can vape with your buddies for a long time. This disposable has a 1100mah battery, and it comes with a 7ml prefilled tank.

So all you need to do is drag and vape; some of the best vape flavors of UNO Eclipse are;

  • Blueberry Raspberry: I found this flavor the fruitiest one! As in this vape juice, you will get the unique taste of sweet blueberries blended with juicy raspberries – to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Jolly Apple: Nothing can be better than having a crunchy, juicy, flavorful apple in your vape. I love to opt for this juice when bored with other vape flavors.
  • Peachy Mango Pineapple: This flavor is a mixture of the three craziest fruity flavors: peach, mango, and pineapple, and this flavor will make your taste buds demand this fruity flavor again and again.


Do you like to enjoy massive clouds? UNO NOX is just for you!

This disposable from UNO comes with a 2ml prefilled e-liquid tank, which can provide around 600puffs. Along with that, it has a 500mah battery; my favorite fruity flavors from UNO NOX are;

  • Strawberry Watermelon: Fruity flavors are always the sweetest! In this flavor, you will enjoy the sweet strawberries and a refreshing watermelon taste to give you an awakening effect.
  • Mango Blast: Want to try mango out of season? This flavor is made for mango lovers who want to enjoy the taste of mango throughout the year.
  • Watermelon Spearmint: Nothing can be more refreshing than having a combo of watermelon and a spearmint punch to make you feel refreshed.


One of the best disposables from UNO till now is UNO MAS! The best thing about this disposable is its 650mah battery and outstanding flavors and vapor production. Made with the finest quality material, this disposable has a stunning design and also provides a great hand-feel that makes it stand out among others.

With the 4ml e-liquid holding capacity, you can enjoy around 1200 puffs with this disposable. The best vape flavors of UNO MAS are;

  • Cool Grape: A combination of the fruity taste of grapes along with some icy touch… this is what you need in vaping sessions to make it more exciting.
  • Iced Lychee: The sweetness of lychee always makes me feel happy, and in this flavor, the cooling effect of ice is added with sweet lychees to make you happiest.
  • Strawberry Yogurt: This vape juice is made with juicy strawberries blended with fresh Greek yogurt.


This disposable by UNO has a robust design and offers a 4000 puff count; it comes with prefilled 9ml e-liquid and 1200mah battery. Most juicy and fruity flavors from UNO 4K are;

  • Banana Yogurt: The taste of banana in your vape juice always feels fruity and enjoyable. In this flavor, bananas are blended with Greek yogurt to make this flavor more delicious.
  • Watermelon Candy: I have a sweet tooth, and I always get satisfied with this flavor as in this flavor, you will taste refreshing watermelon and the sweetness of candies.
  • Iced Peach: Want to try some peachy? This flavor is actually made for you to enjoy fruity peaches and a cooling touch.

Buy UNO Fruity Vape Flavors Now!

If you’re a fruity like me… try these fruity flavors, you will be enthralled!

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