WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Should you try stealth vaping?

Stealth Vaping in a hoodie jacket
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There was a time when you could vape anywhere but it’s not that easy anymore. With several restrictions in place, vapers are now going for something more low key like stealth vaping.

Vaping is restricted or looked down upon which is why stealth vapers prefer vaping without attracting attention to themselves. Many public places don’t allow vaping such as workplaces, school grounds, airport area, cafes and hospitals.

Even in places without a vaping ban, it’s better to look out for a no vaping sign before you take out your device.

Today, the law enforces the same stiff regulations for vaping as for smoking, clubbing both in the same category. To avoid any issue, you should get familiar with all the rules.

Vape like a ninja

It takes confidence and some moves to stealth vape like pro. Here are 3 basic steps to get you started:

  1. Make it discreet– If you want to vape without being obvious, you need to pick a discreet device. This means a small vaping device that is easy to carry and produces less vapor.
  2. Hide the lights– Some vape devices have an LED light that lights when you draw. Located usually at the bottom end of the device, its small enough to cover with your finger. You can also tape it before going out, it’s a good way to avoid unnecessary attention especially in dim lit places.
  3. Take smaller puffs– When drawing on the device, inhale for a shorter time. Stealth vapers usually vape discreetly by exhaling the vapor, blowing it downward with their lips pursed.

Shh, be very VERY quiet…

Zero vaping is when you draw without exhaling vapor. Possible with a small concealable device, it takes stealth vaping to another level. The device is hidden in the palm with the LED lights covered and sound muted. The method makes it almost unnoticeable, as users can vape right next to you without being caught.

Zero vapers use mouth to lung draw and very short puffs to go unnoticed. Remember, no one gets it right at first, it takes a lot of practice.

Should you do it?

Well…ummm… it depends on how good you are at it! While us vapers know that it isn’t harmful to others, you can’t control everyone’s reactions.

Our advice? Be smart, be vigilant and be careful!

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