WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Salt-Nic flavors to vape in 2020

Uno Metallic Bar
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Love chasing flavors? Then it’s time for a quality vape that gives you that irresistible taste each time you draw! Check out our pick for 2020’s best salt nic flavors that has everyone hooked.

ALL TIME favorites

Strawberry Yogurt

It’s the best, hands down! This mouth-watering flavor gives you a taste of fresh strawberries mixed with rich creamy yogurt sweetness in every puff. If you are crazy about berries, you must try this sweet blend of delicious perfection.

Pina Colada

Vape to the best cocktail mix with a sweet hint of paradise. UNO Bar and UNO Metallic’s top selling flavor gives you a simply delish flavor profile. In every puff, taste the sweet pineapple juice blended with creamy coconut for the ideal vaping experience.

Cool Mint

It’s the perfect flavor to stay energized all day! The classic salt nic flavor is available in 50-60MG strength giving you a sweet minty taste with smooth icy menthol. If you want to vape to a refreshing flavor, you must try this one!

Iced Banana Taffy

The flavor sits just right between sweet and creamy. It’s surprisingly well balanced, not too sweet topped with an icy smooth hit. Whether you are a fruit lover or not, you will definitely go bananas vaping to this!

Lush Ice

Stay cool vaping to Lush Ice! Taste the perfect blend of juicy water melon and delicious strawberry flavor infused with an icy menthol in every puff. Kick back and vape all year with the lushest vape in town.


Treat you taste buds to some Cush! A popular UNO Bar flavor, each puff gives you a blend of ripe juicy mango with rich creamy sweetness. If you’re a mango lover, this smooth flavor will knock your socks off!

Passion Fruit

Topping the charts this year is Passion fruit. The mix of passion fruit punch and sweet mango makes this flavor absolutely delicious. If you enjoy the fruity taste, get vaping to this yummy flavor.

Iced Peach

Get the best blend of fresh peaches infused with cool icy hits. The smooth blend of salt nic flavor gives you a strong crisp draw each time you inhale. Stay peachy as you vape to the sweet tangy taste!

Why vapers love ‘em

Better taste with salt nic flavors

Most disposable vapes don’t deliver that smooth taste when you draw. The low quality flavor and weak nicotine levels leave you spending more each time you run out.

Quality Salt nics are known for its crisp clean taste. If you are looking to switch or prefer strong flavors, Vape UNO’s salt nic flavors will not disappoint.

Smoother than the normal vape juice, each disposable vape is pre-filled with at least 5% special salt nicotine e-liquid so that you get the perfect balance of flavor.

Who doesn’t like fruit?

Explore great flavor combinations with Vape UNO. Each special blend is made to give you the best vaping experience. Pick your favorite flavor from a range of classic fruit blends plus flavors infused with icy menthol.

UNO’s special iced blends

Our disposable vapes contain quality salt nic flavors specially made to give you a strong but smooth hit each time you draw. Compared to other vapes, the flavor is crisp enough to let you know exactly how much nicotine you’re vaping.

The iced blends are a favorite among vapers who enjoy the cooling effect with every puff. Whether you’re new to Vape UNO or a veteran, enjoy our top flavor picks that will keep you vaping all year. Happy Vaping!

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