WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Flavors of The Galaxy Have Landed!

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Our journey into the UNO-verse had been stunning, leaving us with a lingering exhilaration that proved to be the foundation of the UNO legacy.

As we began our trek on planet UNO, the first generation of disposables welcomed us into their fruity plains. Enamored with the many flavors they had to offer, we eventually made our way past the 300-puff marker.

Levitating deeper into the galaxy, closer to the hidden depths of the second generation. UNO Metallic shone brighter in the absence of light, pulling us towards its spellbound sleekness. Once again, the mist of 300 puffs enveloped us, leading us towards a higher nicotine experience. Gradually we glided beyond the metallic sphere, going farther into uncharted territory.

Levitating into the deeper, darker plains of UNO, we caught sight of a whisper of light. Leading us to the unrevealed third generation, the galactic glory of UNO Mas.

Introducing Mas

Here we are today, back home on earth, our stores swelling with souvenirs from the Galaxy.

UNO Mas has made an eye-popping, show-stopping, and heart-throbbing entrance among the drastically mundane selection of disposables in the Pakistani market. With its thicc juicy appeal, glamourous colors, and mouthwatering flavors, all 10 of them, no other vape seems to compare to this incredible new nic-stick in town!

But our homely planet has been struck by the lucky stars because out of the ten tantalizing flavors, two are exclusive, purely and surely for Pakistan! Particularly appealing to those looking for an OG flavor profile or looking beyond the typical sweet flavors. UNO Mas brings you

  • Virginia Tobacco: No one is too cool for old school! This toasty blend serves a classic hit with an OG flavor!
  • Cuban Tobacco: Roll up to the good vibes with this earthy roasted tobacco treat!


Astronomical Puff Count!

The general puff count for a disposable in Pakistan may range somewhere from 300 puffs to 800 puffs. On a lucky strike, you may find yourself with up to 1000 puffs. However, the UNO legacy shatters all expectations. Taking a gigantic leap from a typical 300 puff count in its earlier editions and diving headfirst into a 1200 puff count!

So the thicc new nic-stick not only has a hefty firm hold but also a generous amount of vape juice to help you vape bigger, better, and longer!


We already mentioned the two exclusive flavors, made just for Pakistan, but don’t forget about the other eight! Enjoyed all over the world, and now our side of it too. We have 10 exciting flavors in UNO Mas! Ranging from sweet, creamy treats & icy sensations to sharp tarty kicks in every draw!

UNO Mas Flavor List:

  • Passion Fruit Mango: The ultimate summer fruit with a passionate twist.
  • Cool Mint: Get in your ele-MINT this summer with this cool mint flavor.
  • Strawberry Yogurt: Time to berry the bad vibes in this rich, velvety treat.
  • Watermelon Candy: Look beyond the eye candy this summer, and sink into this sweet treat!
  • Rainbow: Taste the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow flavor!
  • Grape: Skip the thorny vines and jump straight to vaping the great grape!
  • Iced Blueberry: Chill out and dance to the berry blues!
  • Key Lime Pie: It’s no lie that the key to life is a freshly baked pie!


The Desirable Disposables

Vape disposables are the epitome of vaping made easy. You buy, drag, and then you dispose. Three simple steps (with a few hundred puffs in between) to get your daily hit. The limited vape juice allows users to try other flavors and discover which one they like best. No squeezing out a bad juice choice for weeks on end!

UNO Mas, in particular, has a unique appeal for those looking to quit as well as those looking to hold on to a longer vape experience relative to their disposable.

Once you’ve got a good thing going, why would you ever want to stop? But with a classic 300 puff count, there’s barely enough juice to savor the vape experience. With the introduction of 1200 puffs, vapers can now squeeze every last drop of a glorious vape juice. If the flavor isn’t really their type, they can always try another after only a limited number of puffs!

In addition, we’ve got tobacco flavors to make the switch from smoking to vaping a little more palatable. Familiar flavor profiles will help temper the urge for that hardcore hit while also pushing ex-smokers towards a healthier life.

The Takeaway

The invention of disposables has definitely made life easier as a vaper and safer for smokers. With UNO Mas, though, we’ve taken things up a notch, otherworldly, one might say – with a higher puff count than most and flavors that will knock your socks off!

Forget about expensive maintenance, messy refills, and constant vape juice purchasing. In all its galactic glory, UNO Mas has brought the flavors of the galaxy to our stores!

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