WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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UNO Bar vs. UNO Metallic: Which disposable vape should you choose?

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The heat is on between two top disposable vapes, both delivering smooth salt nic flavors that will make you want more! What’s not to like? These closed system pods are compact, easy to use and perfectly discreet.

You can vape on to these pocket size devices wherever you are, and when you’re done just throw it out and open another! But which one should you choose? Before getting your new vape, you might want to find out which UNO disposable vape is best for you.

Vape UNO you gives you 2 different devices; UNO Metallic and UNO Bar. While both have the same range of flavors, the devices are a bit different. Let’s start by comparing the key features:

Ready to vape?

Disposable vapes can be used straight out of the box. Both UNO Bar and UNO Metallic are equally on par giving you approx. 300 puffs per pod.

Both work as an all in one vaping device with a built in 280 mAh lithium ion battery. Each has a larger battery capacity which means they last longer than other vape pods out there.

Pick a vape that fits your look

UNO Metallic shows off its metallic finish with a rounded shape at the mouth, while the UNO Bar comes in a range of colors depending on its flavor.

Not as thick and wide as its contender, the UNO Bar is built for convenience. The smooth rubber finish matches its rectangular shape. They are easy to carry and keep when you’re travelling. Whether you stash them in the car dashboard or carry in your bag, these pocket size pods are meant for vaping on the go.

Both devices stand out in design. With ‘auto draw’ you just hold the mouthpiece and inhale to vape. MTL (mouth to lung system) gives you a smooth flavor each time you draw. 

Delicious flavors with Salt-based Nicotine

Whether you’re a new vaper or a seasoned one, these disposable vapes are designed to give you the best salt nic flavors.  You will love vaping to the sweet fruit flavor each time you take a puff.

A major plus is that the UNO Bar is a bit of a full sized system. Rather than 1.2-1.5ML juice which is standard, UNO Bar shows off 1.8ML juice capacity with 50MG salt nic level so you enjoy each puff with a strong hit.

The UNO Metallic carries a higher salt nic level at 60MG with premium pre-filled flavors. Compared to other pods out there, it’s on the higher side with strong hits. It’s a great alternative for anyone looking to quit smoking.

The final verdict

This is a tough one, both devices deliver on what’s expected. So at the end of the day it depends on what you prefer. If you want a stronger dose, try UNO Metallic disposable vape that gives you 60MG salt nic level  with every draw. Its special aluminum finish gives it a good grip when you hold the device.

If you are a flavor nut and want something  straightforward, you should go for the UNO Bar. Its lightweight and pocket size design makes it perfect for vaping wherever you are.

Try the UNO way

We give you the latest disposable vapes that deliver on delicious flavors and the best hits so you can enjoy vaping all day every day. Whether you need a smoking alternative or you crave flavors you should check out Vape UNO.

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